Getting Around

Obviously, Uber is not a hidden gem or a New York City exclusive. Uber is available in every continent (except for Antartica). Despite this, Uber is quick and easy in New York City. There are cheaper options available (such as Via and the subway) but if you are in a rush; Uber is your best friend.

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Via is a new-comer in the New York City transportation realm. It has certainly made a name for itself in its short life. Via is a ride sharing platform (you share the ride with other passengers. Via in many ways is like a bus but fleeted with large SUVs such as Cadillac Escalades and Chevrolet Suburbans. An advantage of Via is its flat rate - with rides starting at just $2.75 (the price of the subway). Ride pricing depends on the time of day and how far you go. Via services anywhere in Manhattan under 125th Street, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Long Island City. Via also offers service to the airport for a flat rate (check for more info).

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New York City's extensive subway and bus system is, of course, an ideal way to get around New York. System-wide rides are $2.75, but you must first purchase a MetroCard. A MetroCard costs $1 and can be purchased at many bodegas as well as in any subway station. A local's tip: avoid keeping more than $20-$30 on a single MetroCard at any time in case you lose it! Use Google Maps' or Apple Maps' transit feature to search for directions from Point A to Point B. 

Another newcomer in the New York City car service world is Juno. Juno's mission is simple - treat their drivers better, drivers will treat passengers better. It is for this reason that Juno is one of our favorites! Drivers get a much greater commission per ride than with the competition. Juno gives you confidence that your money is going towards the driver as opposed to corporate employees.


Curb makes riding in a yellow taxi infinitely easier. With Curb, you can request cabs (just like Uber) or once you are in a taxi, you can type the cab driver's unique 7 digit code (which you can find on the taxi TV) into the Curb app. Just like that, your ride is paid for. It charges automatically to your credit card. You do still tip the driver, but this can be placed on your credit card as well.

There are countless apps that supposedly know when the next subway is arriving. Transit is my personal favorite. Although straight-forward, it seems to be the most reliable and accurate. 


Food Delivery Apps


Just like Uber, UberEats is not a New York exclusive, or an uncommon app. Despite this, it comes in extremely handy at times. In many cases, the eateries on UberEats do not offer standalone delivery service. UberEats is the liaison between the restaurant and the customer. Just like Uber cars, it is quick. Pizza, matzoh ball soup, burgers or pasta delivered to your door if 15 minutes - what's not to like?


Offering a very similar service to UberEats, the deciding factor generally comes down to what you are in the mood for (and who has it). Postmates is not quite as quick as UberEats, unlike UberEats tips are not included and delivery fees can be at times significantly higher than competitors. 


In my personal opinion, FoodKick is one of the best apps in the world. FoodKick is from the founders of FreshDirect. Everything good about FreshDirect such as their diverse assortment, high quality customer service and their easy-to-use websites and apps, has been brought to FoodKick. Say goodbye to next-day delivery. FoodKick offers one hour windows and unlike FreshDirect, you are able to receive your order just hours later!