In a borough filled with excellent pizzerias, Barboncino stands out from the competition.

Walking in to Barboncino, you will quickly notice the simplicity of the design. Owner, Ron Brown, has a mantra of simplicity, which he upholds in all aspects of the restaurant. I looked around and noticed that the only words (aside from government mandated papers) is "Barboncino" on the pizza oven.

The menu is very simple, as well. I chose the pizza pane as my appeitizer. In my humble opinion, this is the best appetizer in the city. Not because of its intricate ingredients, but because of its simplicity. The pizza pane is simply pizza dough with a tad of olive oil and rosemary.

I chose a simple Margherita pizza as my main course. Without a doubt, the Margherita at Barboncino, was the best I have ever had. If you would like to be more adventurous, the menu offers many other types of pizza.

Lastly, save room for dessert. Barboncino offers gelato sourced from Lower East Side's Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

One of our favorite things about Barboncino is that you don't need to wait hours to be seated. At times, there are waits, but generally, they do not exceed an hour. Check out Barboncino the next time you are looking for quality pizza!