The Sweet Shop NYC

A nostalgic, yet innovative candy shop featuring a wide assortment of sweets, doughnuts, ice cream gelato and sorbet.

The Sweet Shop NYC is one of the greatest establishments on the Upper East Side. In it's short life, it has received high praise from ample press outlets. The Sweet Shop has been noted by The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Family, and New York Magazine. Visting the Sweet Shop is an experience like no other. Walking down this quiet Upper East Side block, you would never imagine that such a renowed establishment would be located there. Owners and operators, Kelly "The Candy Man" Jaime, and Matthew "Pie Guy" Bolden have an encyclopedic knowledge of candy and ice cream. Both are extremely knowledgeable about each any every product in their always-changing product line. Expect to find artisanal chocolate, licorice, candies and many variations of ice cream.

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Luka Dubnick